The Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC Providers

Choosing a residential HVAC service provider is a huge decision for homeowners. Who can you rely on to keep your home comfortable throughout the year? From a broken heater in the winter to malfunctioning AC in the scorching summer months, HVAC issues can quickly become unlivable. The stakes are high, and you deserve an HVAC company you can trust.

It’s easy to find trustworthy home heating and air conditioning services if you know what to look for. Start by evaluating these five key factors.

Free HVAC Estimates
A reliable HVAC service provider offers trustworthy in-home evaluations and HVAC estimates before installing a new system. Because residential HVAC isn’t “one size fits all,” it’s crucial to consider several distinct factors of a home before replacing, installing, or repairing an entire system. Some things certified HVAC technicians consider during in-home evaluations are a home’s size, age, number of windows, and amount of insulation available. Once this inspection is complete, a thorough provider will offer system recommendations and cost estimates. Chancey & Reynolds offers free in-home HVAC estimates, so our customers always know what to expect beforehand.

HVAC Installation and Services
If an HVAC contractor doesn’t offer the services you’re looking for, they likely won’t be a good fit. Before booking an appointment, research the company’s offered services. The best HVAC companies provide a broad range of services, including HVAC installation and replacement, comprehensive preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and 24-hour HVAC service. By trusting an experienced provider like Chancey & Reynolds, you can experience top-notch service from large construction projects to simple repairs.

Industry Experience
Your HVAC system is crucial to your home’s livability, so you must hire reliable, experienced heating and cooling professionals. HVAC groups with valuable experience under their belts are more credible regarding the quality of service. Before selecting a contractor, learn more about the company’s background and experience — it could save you additional maintenance costs! With an inexperienced provider, you never know when your system may start malfunctioning again.

Customer Reviews and Referrals
An effective way to learn about a potential HVAC provider is to read their customer reviews. Whether the feedback comes from a friend, neighbor, or complete stranger, it’s essential to learn about others’ experiences with your prospective provider. You can find these reviews on HVAC provider websites, social media, or other review-focused platforms. Another smart tactic for finding an HVAC service provider is to ask for a referral. If someone close to you has dealt with their fair share of HVAC problems, ask them who they recommend for your service.

Certified HVAC Technicians
Another significant asset to an HVAC provider’s credibility is their licensing and certification. A licensed HVAC professional earns certifications and should be ready to provide proof of up-to-date licensing to customers. Chancey & Reynolds’s certified HVAC technicians are backed by North American Technician Excellence (NATE). With these credentials, our technicians guarantee professional service and a job well done!

Knoxville’s Choice in Home Heating and Air Conditioning
Founded in 1978, Chancey & Reynolds has decades of valuable experience that inspires confidence from homeowners. For more than 42 years, we’ve performed repairs and maintenance on all types of residential HVAC systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and much more. Homeowners across Knoxville and Lenoir City trust our team of certified HVAC technicians to keep their homes comfortable all year long. Contact us today to get started!