5 HVAC Mistakes Costing You Money


Are your utility bills higher than usual? Unexpected gas and electric bills can wreck your household budget. Your HVAC habits could be costing you money!

Man installing filter inside a room - HVAC

In this blog, we review common heating and air conditioning mistakes. We discuss expensive problems, like leaky ductwork, AC short cycling, and clogged air filters. Finally, we offer helpful HVAC tips to lower your utility bills.

1 – Wrong Size AC Unit

Is your air conditioner the right size? We find HVAC units in spaces that they aren’t designed for all the time. AC short cycling happens when your AC unit is too big. When your system is too small, your AC works overtime without effectively cooling the space. In either case, your power bills increase, and your HVAC system fails sooner than it should. 

HVAC Tip: Get a professional energy assessment.

Only HVAC-certified technicians can accurately determine what size commercial or residential air conditioner you need. We are happy to provide residential and commercial energy assessments to determine your HVAC needs. Our highly-trained team offers honest advice and professional recommendations backed by our 40+ years of residential and commercial HVAC experience.

2 – Dirty Air Filter

If the air filters in your home are dirty or clogged, your indoor air quality suffers. Your indoor air quality directly impacts your health. According to the EPA, indoor air is five times more contaminated than outside air. Poor indoor air quality contributes to severe health problems, including respiratory illness, heart disease, and cancer.

HVAC Tip: Change your air filter.

Allergies, household pets, city smog, and the size of your space impact how often you should replace your air filter. When you schedule routine HVAC maintenance with pros like Chancey & Reynolds, we replace air filters for you.

3 – Leaky Ductwork

HVAC systems can only work as well as your ductwork allows them to. If your air ducts leak, your utility costs skyrocket while your airflow suffers. You may need duct repair if you notice temperature from room to room, moldy smells, and spikes in your energy bill.

HVAC Tip: Get professional ductwork repair.

Homeowners and business owners in Greater Knoxville and Lenoir City trust our NATE-certified experts for air duct maintenance, cleaning, and replacement. Our ductwork repair specialists have the expertise and tools to reduce your duct leakage and lower your power bill.

4 – No Routine Maintenance

Your HVAC system has many different parts. They all must function correctly for your heating and cooling systems to perform efficiently and keep you comfortable. Without regular professional HVAC maintenance from certified technicians, minor issues can turn into significant problems.

HVAC Tip: Schedule regular HVAC maintenance.

Chancey & Reynolds maintenance plans help you extend the life of your heating and cooling hardware. Our HVAC specialists help reduce your utility bills with proactive service that keeps your system running smoothly.

As a Comfort Club member, your calls and services get priority status. You also receive a discount on parts and labor for any service and are never charged for overtime. Our HVAC maintenance agreement includes two annual visits: air conditioning service in the spring and heating service in the fall.

5 – Thermostat Settings

Summer and winter bring extreme temperatures. However, setting your thermostat drastically lower or higher than the present temperature can cost a lot of money and damage your HVAC system. If you’re asking, “What temperature should I set my thermostat?” the rules differ from one season to the next. It can be hard to keep track of! Luckily, you don’t have to.

HVAC Tip: Install a smart thermostat.

According to the Knoxville Utilities Board, a programmable or smart thermostat can pay for itself in two years and continue to save you money in the future. Smart thermostats are an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and cost savings for heating and air conditioning. You can use smart thermostats through WiFi to create an automated schedule for your temperature settings.

HVAC Savings for Knoxville and Lenoir City
Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians provide professional energy assessments to determine your unique needs and offer honest advice and recommendations. Our special financing options make purchasing the HVAC products and services you need now easy and pay over time with approved credit. Call us to see why home and business owners in Greater Knoxville and Lenoir City have trusted us for over 40 years.