7 Warning Signs Your AC is Dying


Air conditioning technology continues to improve, elongating the lifespan of residential and commercial AC systems. However, like all appliances, there will come a day when you must replace your system. So, how do you know if your air conditioning system is on its last leg? Here are some indicators that it’s time for a new air conditioning system.

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1) Running Constantly
One of the first red flags homeowners notice as their air conditioning systems malfunction is the unit running more often and not holding temperature. Your AC should keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

2) Not Producing Cold Air
A major red flag to look out for is your AC system blowing out warm air. This is a sign that the relay switch in the air conditioning unit has failed. When this happens, your system’s compressor will not operate properly, and your air conditioning will no longer produce cold air.

3) Higher Energy Bills
Are your energy bills higher than usual? That could mean your air conditioner is dying. Your AC unit includes interlinking systems, so a single issue can cause a domino effect of other problems. HVAC systems are designed to run efficiently, keeping energy costs down. So when your AC isn’t running efficiently and increasing your energy bill, it likely indicates it’s time for a replacement.

4) Noisy System
If you hear your air conditioner running, it should sound like white noise. However, if you hear your AC making sudden loud noises like rattling, whirring, banging, or clanking, it’s time for an HVAC-certified professional to check it out.

5) Circuit Breaker Trouble
A significant indication that your air conditioner’s compressor is dying is circuit breaker trouble.  If your AC unit loses power or the compressor overheats from drawing too much power, your breaker trips. A circuit breaker’s job is to protect your home from potential fire hazards, so if your breaker continues to trip, you’re at a greater risk for fires.

6) Issues Starting Your Air Conditioning System
When you start your AC, does it turn on without any problem? It should–otherwise, this could mean trouble. A properly functioning air conditioning system should start without incident. If you notice problems when you turn on your AC, or if it doesn’t start at all, it’s time to call a technician for an evaluation.

7) Increasing Repair Costs
There comes a point when the cost of AC repairs outweighs those of installing a brand-new system. To decide whether repairs are worth it, implement the “5,000 rule.” Multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the air conditioning unit. If it comes out greater than 5,000, it’s more fiscally responsible to replace the old unit with a new one rather than repairing it. 

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