Smart Thermostat Installation

When it comes to your thermostat, sometimes it’s best to act smarter not harder. Smart thermostats are a great choice for those seeking convenience in their heating, ventilation, or air conditioning. These WiFi-enabled systems allow users to control heating and cooling through a smart device where they can create an automated schedule for their temperature settings.

Successful installation begins with trust. Chancey & Reynolds’ experienced, certified technicians have decades of experience installing HVAC systems of all makes, models, and types. Our professionals thoroughly evaluate your home’s design to recommend the best-fit systems and maximize your comfort level and quality of life. Smart thermostat installation is just one of Chancey & Reynolds’ many new equipment installation offerings. We are experts in new equipment installation, including air conditioning, geothermal heat pumps, air filtration systems, and natural gas piping.

Air Conditioning
Whether you need new AC or want to upgrade your current system, Chancey & Reynolds is here to help you beat the heat. Our experienced technicians are skilled at installing a wide range of system makes and models and can help you decide which option is right for your home or business.

Geothermal Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are one of the most efficient systems on the market. Whether ground-source heat pumps or air-source heat pumps, these HVAC systems are great for controlling indoor temperatures. Chancey & Reynolds offers heat pump installation for a wide range of makes and models, and our team is ready to help you decide which pump is best for you.

Air Filtration Systems
While air filtration systems may seem like an unnecessary expense, they play a huge role in sustaining your indoor air quality. Air filtration systems are the perfect solution if you have a household with pets, smokers, family members with respiratory problems, or old ductwork. Rid your indoor space of harsh pollutants with Chancey & Reynolds’ air filtration installation.

Natural Gas Piping
Natural gas is an effective, affordable, and sustainable way to heat your home or business. However, these systems come with safety concerns and responsibilities. Put your trust in Chancey & Reynolds and experience affordable heating and cooling, worry-free! Our professionals offer premium natural gas piping installation and expert guidance on keeping your household safe.

Our C&R Promise

Comfort is key to your quality of life. At Chancey & Reynolds, we’ve built a reputation for providing the highest quality HVAC services in Knoxville and Lenoir City. We are happy to provide you with an in-home energy assessment to determine your unique HVAC maintenance needs. Our highly-trained team offers honest advice and professional recommendations backed by our 40+ years of industry experience. Contact us by calling our Knoxville or Lenoir City Offices.

C&R Comfort Club Maintenance Plans

The benefits of our maintenance plans extend beyond utility bill savings and longer equipment life. Our C&R Comfort Club plans give you priority customer status. That means your calls take priority. As an added bonus, you receive a discount on parts and labor for any service and are never charged for overtime. Our maintenance agreement includes two annual visits: air conditioning service in the Spring and heating service in the Fall. Never worry about the comfort of your home again!

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