What’s That Smell? HVAC Problems That Literally Stink


Have you noticed a funky smell radiating from your vents, air ducts, or HVAC unit? This could be a sign of a major HVAC problem that could pose a threat to the overall air quality of your home or even to your family’s health. Find out what could be causing your HVAC system to reek and how Chancey & Reynolds can help with our antimicrobial HVAC spray service!

Homeowner smelling a bad smell coming from their home's HVAC unit

Common Smells and What to Do About Them

Dirty Sock Smell

If the air circulating through your home smells like your kids’ dirty, sweaty socks, it’s likely that bacteria is rapidly reproducing on your HVAC system’s coils. This is an HVAC problem that should definitely probe you to contact your trusted HVAC professionals at Chancey & Reynolds. We can clean your coils, check the unit for other issues, and provide an antimicrobial spray service in addition to our extensive menu of HVAC maintenance services. Prior to administering this anti-fungal and anti-bacterial spray, we will conduct a complete and thorough cleaning of your entire HVAC system to ensure the contamination won’t spread further.

Musty Smell

If your HVAC system is pumping out musty-smelling air, you might have a case of mold or mildew on your hands. Mold builds up when condensation forms in your system, but instead of properly running out through your drains, it leaks into the ducts and sits for months. Our professionals are trained to identify this HVAC problem and correct it without a major headache or damage to the rest of your system’s functions. Our antimicrobial spray service can help minimize issues within your unit and your home for better air quality.

Rotten Egg Smell

If your system smells like rotten eggs, this could be a sign of a dangerous natural gas leak. You should contact your local Chancey & Reynolds professionals and your local gas company immediately upon discovering this unusual scent, as your entire home and system are at risk. You should evacuate your residence or commercial building immediately, as breathing in a natural gas leak could pose a huge risk to your health as well.

Smoke Smell

If the smell coming from your HVAC system is that of something burning, it could indicate electrical damage or another wiring issue within your unit. This could be anything from a frayed wire to a damaged motor. It is best to turn off your AC unit altogether and get in touch with your trusted Chancey & Reynolds technician to assess and fix the issue.

Address HVAC Problems with Chancey and Reynolds

Most nose-crinkling smells emitted from an HVAC unit are a sign of an HVAC problem that shouldn’t be ignored. At Chancey & Reynolds, we see many cases of health-threatening microbial overgrowth that can sometimes lead to smelly units. It’s important that we remind our clients that such damaging microbes are disseminated throughout your entire home or business every time you turn on the air conditioning or heating unit, so any smell should be addressed promptly. It’s crucial to your health, the air quality of your space, and the longevity of your HVAC system to have it treated against mildew, fungus, odors, and viruses. Our antimicrobial spray service and HVAC maintenance plans can help maximize unit efficiency and improve air quality within your space. Contact Chancey and Reynolds today!

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