Prevent Fires with Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning


Lint-clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires each year– in fact, lint has been a known fire starter at many Boy Scout camps over the years. Yikes! The reality is, without regular dryer vent cleaning, you could be endangering not only years and years of memories and important assets but human and animal life in your home as well. At Chancey & Reynolds, we offer complete and thorough dryer vent cleaning to help protect your family and your home from avoidable, devastating fires.

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How Does a Dryer Vent Become Clogged, Anyway? 

Each time you dry a load of clothes or household items, your dryer collects the fuzz and lint that is shaken off the fabric of your favorite sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, blankets, and towels. Though most dryers are equipped with a lint screen, particles can get beyond this little contraption and into your dryer’s vent quickly. A large enough lint build-up blocks airflow to your dryer and causes it to overheat. As the dryer heat rises, so does the risk of a spark and that lint build-up catching on fire.

Small Steps to Maintain Dryer Vent Safety

A great way to routinely maintain your own dryer vent is to set aside time once per month to disconnect the duct, vacuum or brush out the vent depending on how far you have to reach. Then, reconnect the dryer.

With each load of laundry, be sure to clear off the lint screen completely and vacuum in/around the area inside your dryer that houses the screen periodically as well. Keeping the area around your dryer free of dust and debris is a great way to stave off any unwanted clogging as well.

Finally, never leave your dryer running when you leave the house. We know this is a hard one because laundry can be such a time-hogging task. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry–you do not want to return from the grocery store to find a fire burning inside your home.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Above all, Chancey & Reynolds professionals are here to help. We offer professional dryer vent cleaning services on-demand or scheduled routinely. We understand that this can be especially helpful for those with a complicated dryer vent, such as one that may be directed through the roof of your home, and our professionals are equipped with the proper training and knowledge to take care of dryer vent cleaning for you.  

The team at Chancey & Reynolds will use specialized vacuums and brushes to thoroughly remove all lint and debris from your home’s dryer vent. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the vent for any damage or potential hazards, addressing any necessary repairs or replacements after consulting you. 

Not only does regular dryer vent cleaning help keep your home safe and healthy, but it maintains the longevity of your appliances as well. No one wants to spend any more money than we absolutely have to on washers and dryers, and you deserve full longevity from such an investment. We confidently assure all of our customers that our comprehensive dryer vent cleaning process will leave your home safer, give you greater peace of mind, and allow your dryer to function at top-notch efficiency.

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