Is Your Indoor Air Making You Sick?


We all know how important fresh air is, right? But have you ever considered the air quality inside your own home? It’s time to discuss indoor air quality (IAQ) and how it can impact your health. In this blog, we’ll dig deep into the sources of indoor air pollution, the sneaky health risks it brings, and some practical tips to kick that polluted air out of your place!

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Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

You won’t believe how many things can mess with your indoor air quality. We’re talking about dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, those pesky volatile organic compounds (VOCs) hiding in cleaning products and furniture, and even cigarette smoke. These troublemakers sneak into our homes through open windows, ventilation systems, and everyday activities. Check out our blog about the most common indoor air pollutants to learn more.

Health Risks of Polluted Air

Breathing contaminated air can make your allergies go haywire, trigger those nasty asthma attacks, and cause respiratory infections. If that’s not bad enough, long-term exposure to poor IAQ can mess with your respiratory system and even cause heart problems — yikes! It’s important to know that kids, older adults, and folks with existing respiratory issues are more vulnerable to harmful indoor air pollution.

What Affects Your Indoor Air Quality?

So, what affects the air quality inside your cozy abode? Poor ventilation is like having a stuffy room with no fresh air flow, trapping those pollutants inside. Then there’s the humidity monster, which creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Let’s not forget those HVAC systems with lousy filters that can’t catch a fly. Plus, if you’re skipping HVAC maintenance, you’re practically inviting poor IAQ to the party.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Here comes the exciting part: how to improve indoor air quality by making your air super clean and healthy! Start by giving your place a good ol’ deep clean. Dust off those shelves, vacuum the floors, and wash your bedding regularly. Opening windows whenever possible and using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom will help remove pollutants. If you want to go the extra mile, grab an air purifier with a fancy HEPA filter that sucks up all those pesky particles.

Professional HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Sometimes you need a little help from the experts. That’s where professional HVAC services come in. These folks know their stuff! They can test your air quality, find out exactly what’s bugging your home, and dish out personalized recommendations. Need some maintenance? They’ll handle it like a boss. And they can even suggest energy-efficient upgrades that’ll save you some cash while giving your IAQ a boost. Talk about a win-win!

A whole-house air purifier is undoubtedly worth the investment for people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. The HVAC-ready air purification systems help remove antagonistic air pollutants, resulting in less frequent and less intense respiratory symptoms for those in the home.

The Plasma Air unit is a leading HVAC air purification system among Chancey & Reynolds customers. This air purifier is silent, filterless, and self-cleaning. The Plasma Air purification system fits seamlessly into your home’s existing HVAC system for continuous, whole-home purification. Plasma Air products use bipolar ionization technology, which produces oxygenion molecules, essentially nature’s cleaning process. These oxygenions are circulated throughout the home via the ductwork system, inactivating and reducing airborne pathogens and pollutants and even killing viruses.

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

Energy efficiency and indoor air quality go hand in hand. When you invest in energy-efficient HVAC systems and proper insulation, you’re not only doing Mother Earth a solid, but you’re also improving your IAQ. These systems provide better ventilation, top-notch filtration, and a steady airflow, making your indoor spaces healthier and happier.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Knoxville

You can breathe easy with Chancey & Reynolds. We ensure healthy, high-quality, comfortable indoor air for your home and business. We provide quick and efficient air purification system installation and repair throughout the greater Knoxville area, ensuring your indoor quality is always clean and consistent.

Air purification system installation is just one of Chancey & Reynolds’ many indoor air quality services. We have decades of experience installing, servicing, and repairing all types, makes, and models of heating and cooling systems and HVAC accessories. Our NATE-certified technicians thoroughly evaluate your home or business’s design to recommend the best-fitting systems and energy-efficient solutions. Plus, we even offer free estimates and convenient financing options for those who qualify, so you can save on upfront costs!

Commercial and residential HVAC customers across Knoxville and Lenoir City trust our team to keep their heating and cooling systems running perfectly to keep them comfortable year-round. When you’re ready to find a team of seasoned professionals to maintain your HVAC, give us a call!