How to Choose the Right Commercial HVAC


As a business owner, ensuring the comfort of your employees and customers in your building is crucial. A reliable HVAC system is one of the most essential factors in achieving this. Eventually, the time comes to replace your commercial system, and with numerous options to choose from, making a selection can be daunting. So, before making any decisions, you must arm yourself with the right information.

That’s where we come in—Chancey & Reynolds’ experienced, certified technicians have decades of experience installing HVAC systems of all makes, models, and types. For this blog, we’ve gathered our experts’ most helpful advice for business owners when selecting a new commercial HVAC system.

Man and woman in yellow hardhats installing a commercial HVAC system

Find an HVAC Partner You Can Trust

No matter how advanced your chosen HVAC system is, its performance largely depends on the quality of installation. That’s why hiring a reputable HVAC contractor with experience in commercial installations is essential.

Partnering with Chancey & Reynolds connects you with NATE-certified experts who will guide you through the process. Not only do we help you choose the best equipment for your space, we ensure that your system is installed correctly, optimizing its efficiency and longevity.

And we don’t stop at installation. Our team offers reliable ongoing maintenance that businesses across Knoxville have trusted for decades.

Assess Heating and Cooling Needs

Once you’ve found your go-to HVAC team, they will help assess your heating and cooling needs. The technicians at Chancey & Reynolds are experts in commercial HVAC replacement and installation. By evaluating your commercial property and understanding the unique needs of your business, we’ll help you decide what system is suitable for your space.

Here are some key factors we consider:

  • Property size: Take into account the overall size of your commercial property.
  • Room count: Determine how many rooms need to be heated and cooled.
  • Climate: Consider the climate in your region.

We calculate the necessary heating and cooling capacity by analyzing these factors, providing a solid basis for selecting the right system.

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Now, let’s quickly review the different types of commercial HVAC systems available on the market that your technician may suggest. Each has its advantages, disadvantages, and ideal use cases.

Single-Split Systems

These systems are ideal for cooling or heating individual rooms, making them suitable for smaller commercial buildings and server rooms. However, they are not recommended for larger facilities with multiple rooms.

Multi-Split Systems

A multi-split system consists of one outdoor unit that connects to several indoor units. It is ideal for large commercial properties and not recommended for small commercial spaces.

VRF/VRV Systems

These provide efficient and precise temperature control for large commercial buildings. They use an outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units with sophisticated controls to modulate refrigerant flow based on zone requirements.

Heat Pump Systems

These provide heating and cooling for commercial spaces by transferring heat. It has an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit with an evaporator and fan. It’s energy-efficient and cost-effective but less effective in extreme temperatures. Ideal for mild to moderate climates in commercial buildings such as schools, offices, and retail spaces.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal HVAC systems use underground pipes to provide heating and cooling, with low operating costs and minimal emissions. However, installation is complex and costly. Ideal for commercial buildings with available land and a focus on long-term energy efficiency and sustainability.

More to Consider

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient commercial HVAC system with high SEER and HSPF ratings is important for businesses focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. Advanced features like variable-speed motors and programmable control systems can enhance efficiency and cost savings.

Maintenance and Warranty

Check the manufacturer’s warranty on new equipment — this will explain what maintenance, services, and repairs are covered and for how long. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties if you schedule regular maintenance with a licensed HVAC professional like Chancey & Reynolds. This can help ensure your system stays reliable and efficient over time. We also offer maintenance plans to keep your HVAC working better and longer.

Features and Controls

When choosing an HVAC system for your business, consider zoning capabilities for energy savings, humidity control for product quality, and noise levels for employee and customer comfort. Look for units designed to operate quietly, or ask your contractor about noise-reduction options.

Commercial HVAC Installation in Knoxville and Lenoir City

Selecting the right commercial HVAC system for your business is a significant decision that can impact your comfort, energy bills, and bottom line. Trust the professionals at Chancey & Reynolds to select, install, and maintain your commercial system. By partnering with us, you can keep everyone comfortable, protect your products, and save money on energy bills.Our certified HVAC technicians specialize in residential and commercial HVAC solutions. We install, repair, and maintain all types, brands, and models of heating and cooling equipment. We even offer free estimates and flexible financing options for those who qualify to make our services accessible to everyone. Contact us today to start the journey toward a more comfortable and energy-efficient commercial space.