Adjusting Your Thermostat Settings for the End of Daylight Saving Time

Adjusting Your Thermostat Settings for the End of Daylight Saving Time


As daylight saving time ends and our clocks fall back an hour, it’s also time to adjust your home’s thermostat to prepare your HVAC system to deliver optimal comfort as winter sets in.

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Consider using the November time change as an annual reminder to adjust your thermostat in the following ways:

Check your thermostat’s clock

Unlike our smart devices that automatically change the time, many thermostats don’t adjust their internal clocks to align with daylight saving time. It’s always a bright idea to ensure your thermostat’s clock falls back an hour each November and ahead in the spring to keep your programming on schedule.

Turn on the heat
It’s that time of year! Even in Tennessee, winter is blowing in with gusto, and temperatures outside are dropping. The end of Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to turn your HVAC system to heat mode to keep you warm and cozy throughout the cold winter months.

Revise your thermostat’s programming schedule
Once you’ve transitioned your HVAC system to heating mode, check out your thermostat’s programming schedule. Now is the time to make adjustments that maximize your comfort and increase your energy savings. It’s best to set a personalized schedule that matches your family’s usual daily routine. For instance, when everyone in your household is sleeping, lower the set temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. You can also schedule a temperature setback for times when everyone is at school or work. Finally, take warmer parts of the day into consideration as you’re setting your thermostat’s programming schedule.

Replace your thermostat’s batteries
While you’re already tinkering with it, take some time to replace the batteries in your thermostat! This way, you don’t need to worry that the batteries will run out unexpectedly during the cold winter months and cause larger issues for your HVAC system.

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