Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair


Proper heating is crucial during the winter. Both commercial and residential heating systems are delicate and require regular maintenance to operate effectively. Sometimes, it’s tricky to know when your residential or commercial heating system needs repair or maintenance. Here are a few signs that could indicate it’s time to call an HVAC professional for heating inspection and service

person testing HVAC output

Strange Noises

While older heating units are prone to occasional noises, you need to keep an ear out for sounds that are out of the ordinary. Clanking, banging, or screeching sounds may be a warning of significant issues to come. Squealing can indicate problems with your heating unit’s motor bearings while rattling noises can come from issues with the system’s blower assembly. In any case, it’s best to get professional help.

High Power Bills

Is your electricity bill off the charts? If your gas or power bills rise drastically from one month to the next, your heater could be the culprit. Get one of our technicians out there ASAP to fix the underlying issue before the unit is too damaged to repair. 

Pilot Light Burning Yellow

A pilot light burning yellow instead of blue is dangerous! This is a sign your furnace might be producing hazardous-amount carbon monoxide, and you should leave your home immediately. Call your gas company right away, then schedule emergency HVAC maintenance.

Cold Spots

Have you noticed cold areas throughout your home while your heat is running? Pockets of cooler air mean the heat from your system isn’t reaching those areas. This uneven distribution of heat is a sign of a faulty heating system. Check to ensure all air ducts are open, and if the problem persists, schedule an inspection with an HVAC expert.

Short Cycling

When your heater turns off and on erratically, it’s called short cycling. Short cycling happens when the heating system overheats and suddenly stops. While this isn’t an emergency, you should have it checked out by an HVAC professional. It’s often an easy fix but causes long-term damage to your heating system.

Decreased Air Quality

A decline in your home’s indoor air quality could mean your heating system requires repair. Poorly-functioning heating units circulate dust, mildew, and allergens into the air you breathe, causing respiratory problems.

Unusual Odors

If unpleasant odors come through your air vents, you need heating service. Don’t ignore smells like burning rubber or smoke, as this can indicate a problem with your heater’s electrical components.

Schedule Your Heating Service Today

Don’t wait until your HVAC fails! Regular maintenance ensures that normal wear and tear doesn’t shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. The sooner you schedule heating system repairs, the sooner our HVAC technicians can come to fix the problem, saving you from more extensive repairs in the future. 

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