Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans


HVAC maintenance plans are often used as a way to stave off big-time repairs, preventing surprises and maintaining system health by setting a personalized yearly schedule for experienced Chancey & Reynolds HVAC technicians to conduct seasonal tune-ups and inspections. We recommend that all of our customers set up an HVAC maintenance plan in order to keep your system functioning at top efficiency, save money, and ensure HVAC system longevity.

Technician repairing air conditioner

What Is an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Whether the HVAC maintenance plan is made for a residential property or a commercial business, you can rest assured that routine maintenance checks are a one-stop-shop for all things HVAC efficiency. This means our technicians will provide air filter cleaning services or changes, parts replacement, system lubrication, duct cleaning and repairs, and electrical inspections, as well as address any other issue or potential hazard they can identify. Enrolling in a maintenance plan is a proactive measure toward detecting HVAC problems or hazards early on, a simple practice to save you money and time on potentially complex repairs in the long run.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Plans

Residential HVAC maintenance plans are a great way to keep your family healthy, safe, and comfortable throughout the year. Chancey & Reynolds technicians will assess air quality, clean out any dirt and debris that might be prone to circulating through your home, and intervene in any potential fire hazards that could threaten the safety of your property and belongings. Our preventative HVAC maintenance checklist is comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that your home is cooled in the summer, safely heated in the winter, and that your family is breathing healthy, clean air all year long. During a routine maintenance inspection, you can expect air filter replacement through cleaning (and defrosting if necessary) of evaporator coils, draining of condensation lines/pans, mold inspection and removal, humidity level monitoring, leak repairs, and more.

We pride ourselves on transparent service, meaning that we will keep you in the loop of any problems assessed or repairs made on your HVAC system the whole way through.

The Three Types of HVAC Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance: Corrective HVAC maintenance provides solutions to problems when a part of your system is not functioning the way it should.

Preventative Maintenance: Preventative maintenance encompasses “well checks” and tests at regular intervals set by the homeowners’ preference. We will assess the efficiency of your system and make sure all parts are working as they should. 

Risk-based Maintenance: This type of maintenance consists of inspections and data collection to determine risk factors present in your system and sometimes predict the lifespan of your HVAC system altogether. We will set maintenance priorities over a certain time period based on our findings.

Chancey & Reynolds’ Comfort Club

The Comfort Club is Chancey & Reynolds’ specialized HVAC Maintenance Service Agreement. The Comfort Club agreement renews automatically each year on the date that it began and ensures that routine maintenance service will be performed twice a year unless explicitly noted otherwise.

When you become a part of the Comfort Club, the following work is included in your annual membership fee:

  • Once-annual condenser coil cleaning
  • Blower housing inspection
  • Observe the operation of the overall unit
  • Thermostat operation check
  • Flush and clear drains
  • Refrigerant level monitoring
  • Gas burner checks (typically in the fall)
  • Heat exchanger inspection (typically in the fall)
  • Motor lubrication, if necessary
  • Electrical inspection

Comfort Club members also receive service priority availability over non-members, as well as a 10% discount on any repairs deemed necessary by our technicians.

Residential HVAC Maintenance for Your Peace of Mind

Contact Chancey & Reynolds today to learn more about our residential HVAC maintenance plan options and begin optimizing your HVAC system’s long-term health.

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