The Better Business Bureau (BBB) sent out an alert saying that scammers could be knocking on your door asking if you need service done on your HVAC. There could also be bad companies out there who won’t follow through after you hire them. Some will even sell you an air conditioning unit for a cheap price, but will tell you it doesn’t include installation after they deliver the unit and want to charge you twice the amount to install it.
The best thing you can do is research a company before you hire them, research them on Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Do not hire someone knocking on your door. They are probably not bonded and licensed.
Chancey & Reynolds has been in business since 1978. We take our jobs seriously and are thankful for our many customers, whether for service on their HVAC units, maintenance,  or new installations. Many people call us because their neighbors and friends recommended us when they didn’t know where to turn. All quotations for new units are free and someone will come out to make sure that they quote you correctly.
It is the desire of Chancey & Reynolds, Inc. to provide quality equipment with professional installation and service. Our pricing should provide for a reasonable profit and a “Good Value” for our customers. Call (865) 525-5076 Thank you for your consideration.